Monday, October 8, 2007

First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog!!! This blog site is mostly about game development for mobile phones using J2ME and Netbeans. I will be posting tutorials, tips and some full working game examples with source code.

I'm still learning java though, so if you see that some of my stuff can be done in a better way or totally wrong then don't hesitate to slap me silly. But I think it would be better to leave a comment or email me instead.

But first things first.... have to finish this blogs design!!!

1 comment:

garygadget said...

Hi and thanks for the great blog.

I too am learning Java but through the Open University but not a lot on J2ME so this is a good help.

I particularly want to develop for the HTC Touch HD phone that I ave but cannot find an emulator or JDK for it. Any ideas and what resources did you have to learn this much?