Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pixel Font Resources

In relation to the tutorial Using Custom Fonts or Bitmap Fonts, here are some pixel font resources you can use in making your own bitmap fonts. You can draw your bitmap fonts by hand, pixel by pixel, but it doesn't hurt to have a template to guide you along the way.

Pixel fonts are like bitmap fonts except these are actual TrueType fonts you can use in common graphic or document editing programs. The big difference between pixel fonts and the regular type faces is that pixel fonts are designed for specific font sizes, usually 8 pt. or smaller, and they maintain a high degree of clarity. This makes them perfect for small screens like that of mobile phones. Pixel fonts are often used with anti-aliasing off. Otherwise, they will lose their readability and become blurred. Since pixel fonts are TrueType fonts, you can still use them with different pt. sizes, but with anti-aliasing turned off they would appear pixelated.

Not all of the pixel fonts are free. The sites listed here are the ones I found that offer free pixel fonts.

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Anonymous said...

There's a tool I'm using to transform TrueType fonts to bitmap fonts. Makes the job easier. You can find it at FontTool