Thursday, January 24, 2008

Simple Tile Map Editor Build - Update

Here's an update for the Simple Tile Map Editor...

Download Build (01/24/2008) : (539.88 KB) - Download it.
(Still Win32 only XD)
MD5 : de2cb119d08090eca02103d331676b9b

If you don't know what it's all about, you can head over to this post for a primer: Simple Tile Map Editor page.

Changes in this version:
  • Enabled double buffering to reduce flicker
  • Added map data view form
  • Added support for integer map sizes (for maps larger than 256x256)
  • Fixed selection rectangle bug

Your program can determine if it should read integers or bytes for the map width and map height by first checking the 8th byte. It should contain character "B" for byte and "I" for integer. The rest of the map data including tile width and tile height are still in bytes.

You can find the complete format information in the Simple Tile Map Editor page.

Btw, if Kylix was still alive, this wouldn't be for win32 only XP.

Have fun!

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