Sunday, February 3, 2008

Simple Tile Map Editor Build - Update

This version is significantly more stable than the previous versions. Several improvements have been made to make it more presentable and user-friendly. So if you're already using a previous version, I highly recommend updating to this one.

Here's a screeny of this version:

Simple Tile Map Editor

You can learn more about STME and the SMP file format from the Simple Tile Map Editor page.

Download Build (02/03/2008) : (470.94 KB) - Download It
(Windows binary)
MD5 : e4ec440c7814be5bef5bd25b0b52ad59

Changes in this version:
  • Added map zooming functions - in fixed increments:
    25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 800%
  • Added map resize function
  • Added map crop function
  • Added tile index numbers
  • Added enlarged tile view pop-up when hovering on tileset
  • Modified the right and left selected tile preview to scale with the tileset panel
  • Added Block Map data mode
  • Modified drawing tools to work with Block Map data
  • Optimized map drawing functions - should/might prevent out of resources av caused by over-sized bitmap buffer on large maps
  • Enforced some map size and tile size constraints
  • Fixed a ton of bugs which might show up if other people actually started using this thing ;p
  • Hid the nudge tools for now
  • Removed 90% of 3rd party components - might pave a way to open source once the code is cleaned up a bit
  • Added even more bugs....Doh! >.<


The block map data mode allows you to define extra byte data to each map tile. Although the block map data was primarily intended for defining tile weight look-up tables, you can use it for pretty much whatever you want.

The block map data is saved on a separate file with the same filename as the SMP but with the extension ".BMD". The BMD file itself does not contain the map width, map height, tile width and tile height which you can already get from the SMP file. The contents of the BMD file should be read the same way as the map data in the SMP file is read.

There is currently no option to exclude the BMD file when saving the map (in other words...I forgot to put it there, sorry).

  • Nudge tools
  • Fix weird scrollbar bug (you may or may not experience this)

I'm pretty sure more features (and bugs) will be added (as dictated by necessity) while I continue my work on a small game project....
Although, you can always request for a certain feature that you absolutely need (no map layers pls. heh).

If you encounter a bug or if you thought of a way to make it better, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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