Sunday, February 17, 2008

Simple Tile Map Editor Build - Update

I recently discovered that sometimes the map gets partially hidden after being cropped and would look like the map size got screwed up. This gave me a lot of headaches. This was fixed in this version including some inconsistencies between the scrollbars visibility and the maps position.

You can learn more about STME and the SMP file format from the Simple Tile Map Editor page.

Download Build (02/17/2008) : (468.06 KB) - Download It
(Windows binary)
MD5 : fc1984afb0f004301df2af087f1419f9

Changes in this version:
  • Fixed crop map function to reset the map position after being cropped.
  • Improved map scrollbar response
  • Added a function to change the grid color
  • Added an option to hide or show the tile index numbers in the tileset panel
  • The tileset panel now hides tiles where the index is over the 255 limit.

If you encounter a bug or if you thought of a way to make it better, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.


Unknown said...

Good job! i know since then that you will go a long way...

From an old friend, Louise

Mostafa said...

Netlogpro said... April 18, 2008 3:13 AM
Hello dear devlin
so thanks for this Article!
how it's possible to display a string or text as Right to Left on Mobile device using j2me?
like Arabic text direction that's right to left unlike English text direction that's left ro right
it's important for me
i will back as soon for your solutions about this problem...
send me your idea for solution of this problem

Mostafa said...

above comment was for one of your j2me articles called "custome font with images...."
since there is no answer from you , i ask it again..
thanks bye

vinku said...

really awsome editor :)

I have a small feature request also: would it be possible to add custom per map properties to the beginning of the map file? like for example: borderColor, gameType etc. They don't really make sence with the block map as they describe whole map not a single tile. Shouldn't really be a issue either since everyone is writing the code to read in the file themselves.

At the moment I am using a 3rd file for those types of things and my own simple editor, would be nice if they STME could handle those.

Unknown said...

Hi people!
That blog just rulez bro!

im new on j2me, im testing the tutorials and i have the next doubt:
can I write my own SMP files? i don't understand how to write the smp file from blockdata.

Thanks and sorry for my english :P

devlin said...

Hi Mostafa,

Since we're only drawing the image equivalent of the each character in the string, You don't really need to change anything in the code. The part that won't work correctly is the "word-wrap code" where you just have to loop in the reverse order. This assumes you can actually map one image per character in the Arabic text (I hope you can).

devlin said...

Hi Neutrino,

Yes, you can write your own SMP file since the file format is described in the STME page here:

devlin said...

Hi vinku,

I can probably add some buttons for injecting and extracting data from the end of the SMP file but not at the beginning so STME can continue loading the map file like a normal SMP.