Saturday, July 5, 2008

Every project is a new adventure

I'm hoping to start a few new mobile game projects this coming week. This means I get to encounter more development challenges and share them with you. So stay tuned for more.

I also probably need to update the old tutorials for the new version of the NetBeans IDE so new comers can follow.


Alex Cançado said...


Unknown said...

Hi! I wanna just thank you, 'cause I really appreciate your blog, tutorial and suggestion!

I just missed two things:
- What about sounds? :) I missed something or you didn't talk about that argument?
- What about distributions? I mean: better formats to fit the most of cellphones, other files to think about (like .jad or somewhere elase I read about another format which is used by some cellphone for midlets... like .tlc or similar (I have an Ericcson and it looks like hard to upload .jar games on it!)

devlin said...

It's been a while since I messed around with sound. I tried using wav and mp3 for sound effects but I just can't seem to get the responsiveness I was hoping for. The sound was always delayed for some reason. On some phones, you can't even make 2 sounds play simultaneously like having music and a sound effect play at the same time. You end up with one sound canceling the other out. So I usually opt for just using a midi file for background music for compatibility.

Never encountered a midlet with a .tlc extension before.

As for trying to upload your midlet to your phone..I usually check the technical specs from the the website first to see what options I have. Then check the accompanying cd if it has software for that. You can always try using the sd/msd/etc card to transfer the jar and jad to your phone. You can also upload it to a website/server then use a link/url to download it to your phone.